Assistant Instructor

As a Assistant Instructor you can lead and guide certified divers; assist SSI Instructors in the classroom, pool and open water; teach skills in the classroom and pool under the indirect supervision of an SSI Instructor (except the emergency skills); teach the SSI Scuba Skills Update program, the SSI Snorkeling program, and the SSI Try Scuba program (pool only) and upgrade to a Training Specialist.Dive Professional | Northland Scuba Twin Cities MN 952-949-0909

1. Be at least 18 years old
2. Own a Total Diving System of professional type and quality.
3. Be certified as an active Divemaster level or equivalent.
4. Logged no less then 60 open water dives totaling 40 hours or more

Requirements for completion
1. Have logged no less than 75 open water dives totaling 50 hours or more.
2. Complete and pass all requirements and evaluations listed in the Assistant Instructor Manual.
3. Complete the water skills evaluation as outlined in the Assistant Instructor Manual.
4. Complete a Assistant Instructor final exam with a passing score of 90%.

Qualifications: After certification Assistant Instructors may do the following:
1. Perform in the same role as a Divemaster
2. Meet the criteria to act as a Certified Assistant
3. Teach the Open Water Diver academic and pool sessions under the indirect supervision of an active SSI Instructor, but may not conduct exercises involving any self-aid or emergency skills such as Air Sharing, Emergency Swimming and Emergency Buoyant Ascent.
4. Assist the instructor with open water scuba training dives in the role of Certified Assistant only. Take students, no more than 2 at a time, on underwater tours after the students have successfully completed the required skills with an Instructor, Conduct the Try Scuba Program in a pool and confined water.
5. Conduct the Scuba Skills Update program
6. Qualify for a Training Specialist with additional training
7. Enroll in as SSI Instructor Training Program.

Tuition: $599
Digital Assistant Instructor Student Kit: $585
and includes Student Kit - Required additional material:
  • Dive Professional Wetnote Set
  • Dive Briefing & Guiding Evaluation Slate
  • SSI 6' Surface Marker Buoy w/50' Reel, Clip,Dual Inflator,overflow/Dump valve
Registration Fee: $70

Assistant Instructor SSI Northland Scuba West Eden Prairie MN

Mon - Tues 11 to 6:30
Wed  Closed
Thurs - Fri  11 to 6:30
Saturday 10:00 to 4:00
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