Many of the more exciting, intriguing dive sites are found in deeper water.  Whether it's walls, wrecks, or that sunken treasure this course covers the knowledge, skills and equipment necessary for deeper diving.

Northland Scuba's  experienced staff will help you with your choice of equipment, preparation and learning the basic techniques of Deep Diving.  Our Deep Diver Specialty Course is fun and exciting and will assist you  in making the most of your dive.

  Northland Scuba Okdale MN 6517774278 Scuba Snorkel St Paul MN
Deep Diver Course Fee: $199 plus tax

  • SSI Digital Deep Diver Material
  • Home study review
    • Planning and conducting a deep dive
    • Equipment (each person needs to supply their own scuba gear plus SMB, Finger reel, Whistle & dive knife).
    • Dive Computer review
  • Deep Dives (minimum depth 60' - 100' no decompression and conducted no deeper than 130'). 
  • Digital certification card
  • Minimum age 15

 Before class:
  1. Complete the Digital Deep Diver on line course
  2. Complete a SSI Medical Statement. ( if you answer yes to any of the medical history questions, we must require a signed physicians approval before you participate .  You can download and review the Medical Statement here .  Please print a copy to take to your physician for their approval and signature if required).
  3. Waive r Please down load, fill out and bring along to your class.
  4. Each diver needs to provide their own personal scuba gear plus SMB and finger spool

Course # and Dates:


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