Meet the Staff

Jim Matzke, Scuba Instructor Northland Scuba Twin Cities MN Jim Matzke
Jim has been diving since 1993. He has been a SSI Scuba Instructor since December 1999 and a Divemaster for four years prior to 1999.   Jim has traveled all over the world to exotic locations such as Indonesia, Bali, The Maldives, Palau, The Philippines, Fiji, Belize, Australia, The Caymans and many other tropical locations.
It is very possible that Jim has dove a location that a customer is thinking about visiting.

Pat Erickson, Scuba Instructor | Northland Scuba Twin Cities MN Pat Erickson
Pat has been a diver since 1995. She is an Instructor certified through SSI & PADI. Pat has dived in many parts of the world, most recently in Palau and Yap, in Micronesia near the Philippine Islands. Pat is a professional in the printing business.

Brent Metcalf, Scuba Instructor | Northland Scuba Twin Cities MN Brent Metcalf
Brent started diving in 2009 after snorkeling in Hawaii and became an SSI Scuba Instructor in the early summer of 2013. His favorite part of diving is observing fish and marine mammals. While the warm, clear water of the tropics is his favorite, Brent also loves participating in the Trident Dive Teams local dives. His favorite local dives are the mine pits in Northern Minnesota. He has also gone on several Northland Scuba trips to Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and the Bahamas.

Joe Karels, Scuba Instructor | Northland Scuba Twin Cities MN Joe Karels
Joe's love of the water goes back to watching Jacques Cousteau. When he was just a little guy, Joe always wanted to go where Jacques was exploring. While on vacation, with his family on Maui in 2002, they went snorkeling in the Molokini Crater. That's when Joe decided to learn Scuba. In 2004 he became certified as an Open Water diver and earned his Advanced later that summer. His new found love of diving led him to complete his Instructor Training course in 2009. Joe is now a Dive Master Instructor & Classified Diver (Adaptive Diving) Instructor. His diving has mainly been in the Upper Midwest, including Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, the Mine Pits of Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, along with many local lakes. He can't wait to share his next story.

Bill Buttz, Scuba Instructor | Northland Scuba Twin Cities MN Bill Buttz 
Bill started his diving certification in 2001. Bill’s various outside talent includes airline mechanic, and in the service he was a Helicopter technician. This ability has carried on into his diving career. After he became an Advanced Open Water Instructor he also utilized his skills to become a Regulator Technician.   Bill’s dive experience has included Lake Superior, many Minnesota northern and local lakes lakes along with the Bahamas, Truk Lagoon, The Caymans, Hawaii, the Philippines and the list goes on. Bill also is very instrumental in the organization and leading of the Fun Dives.

Bill King Scuba Instructor | Northland Scuba Twin Cities MNBill King

David Yang Assistant Instructor | Northland Scuba Twin Cities MNDavid Yang
David started scuba diving in Spring 2014 after taking a class during undergrad.  Outside of diving he works as a 3D printing engineer, working to implement this technology in a wide array of manufacturing fields.  His diving specialties include freediving, fish ecology, and spearfishing.  His dive experience includes a diving internship in the Florida Keys, Florida Atlantic and Gulf coasts, Bahamas, New England, St. Kitts, and the Great Barrier Reef, in addition to local lakes around Minnesota.

Rachel Pedersen Divemaster | Northland Scuba Twin Cities MNRachel Pedersen
Rachel became a Divemaster in 2016 when her passion for marine wildlife brought her to the Philippines to work for a marine conservation organization.  She spent 4 months surveying coral reefs, educating local school children, and fostering a love of diving...  Outside of scuba Rachel works at an independent bookstore and works as a leadership facilitator.  Rachel's diving experience has included the Florida Keys, the Philippines and various lakes in Minnesota.

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