Northland Scuba's Open Water Scuba Course.

Part 1
     Knowledge development:  Home study done with our on-line text book for those 13 and older or traditional text book (for those under the age of 13).  Classroom workshop to understand basic principles of Scuba Diving.
     Pool Dives to learn basic scuba skills under instructor supervision.

Part 2
     Open Water Scuba Certification Dives to review your skills and explore.

COST Part 1: $249.00 plus tax
  • Course Material
  • Classroom Review
  • All Pool Dives
  • $40 referral fee. If you have travel plans you can complete your dives with another instructor almost any where in the world bring  your signed referral back to us and we process your Scuba Certification Card. Cost of these dives will vary by location.
Equipment: Your Open Water Diver course requires you to have your own Mask, Snorkel, Scuba Fins & Wet Suit Boots for pool training and certification dives.  Additional scuba equipment provided for pool training use includes: Regulator, BC, Tank, Wet Suit, & Weights.

Certification Dives:
You must complete four open water scuba certification dives with an instructor to earn your scuba certification.  If not completed within 6 months you will need to take a Scuba Skills Update Course. Your dives MUST be completed within twelve months of your pool training! We recommend doing your dives as close to your class as possible.

We offer local certification dives from May to middle October.  Already have a trip planned?  Talk with your instructor about completing referral paperwork for dives somewhere else in the world.
COST Part 2 Local Certification Dives: $189.00
Your four Open Water Scuba Certification dives done locally at Square Lake located just north of Stillwater.  Private dives are also available for an additional $50 per person.  Our Open Water Scuba Certification Dive equipment package includes tanks, weights, wet suit, BC and Regulator.  You would need to provide your own Mask, Snorkel, Scuba Fins and Wet Suit Boots.

Gratuities are greatly appreciated.

For your benefit we recommend not waiting until the last minute to take your Scuba Class. In the event that you catch a cold or need more pool time it's nice to have some extra buffer time.  We want you to be comfortable and confident before your Open Water Scuba Certification Dives.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  To keep our student/instructor ratios small we require all class fees due when you register, payment guarantees your spaceYour class fees are non-refundable within 14 days of the class starting date.   If you require a change or transfer of class dates, you may do so up to 14 business days prior.  If you need an additional transfer a $50 transfer fee will apply!
 All course fees are forfeited if you do not attend!

Forms: Please down load and look at the medical form.  If you need to mark a YES a doctor has to sign off before class!
Medical Form

Northland Scuba Oakdale MN 6517774278 Scuba Snorkeling

Class & Pool Schedule

To Sign up for class please fill out the registration form below.  Then call the store to make an appointment to collect course materials, fill out the student record folder, watch a short video & have your picture taken. Please plan on this taking about 60 minutes.

If you do not have a voucher please put NA.
Please email voucher to us

RSTC Medical Form

Open Water Scuba Certification Dive Schedule & Registration
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