Ever since you were a kid you know you wanted to try it. You've seen it on TV, in the movies or maybe even your friends do it. Well here's your chance! We are offering several Try Scuba Events. You will spend a little bit of time in the classroom learning some of the basics then we will go to the pool and spend some time underwater. The program is only a couple of hours so it won't take up a lot of your day and it doesn't cost much. The cost is just $50.00 per person and we will provide all the gear! We can take kids as young as 10 however, their parents must be at the class and pool (10 - 15 Year old). It's time to put down the mouse on your computer and have some fun underwater. Join us for one of our Try Scuba Diving Lessons and find out just how much fun it really is!

Please sign up at least one week in advance.

Please download fill out and bring this form along to class.

Course Dates & Times:

June 24 8:30 - 10:30
Instructor David
2 Spots Left

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